ACP Potentiometers for Timer, Protection Relay

ACP has a long record as a recognized supplier in the Industrial segment.
Performance is key for every single component used in Industrial environments. You, as a customer in this market segment, are looking for a secure supply and the adequate product reliability in every different potentiometer configuration you may require.
The possibility to characterize ACP potentiometers with extra electrical and mechanical features provides customers with a wide range of options. One example is the combination of step tapers and mechanical detents widely used on time setting and function selection.
We found also in this segment an increasing number of customers that move towards automated SMD PCB assembly. ACP product offer extends to all the SMD line most of the special features already offered for many years on THT configurations.
The list below shows a number of examples of applications we have obtained from our customers where ACP potentiometers are being used since decades. This list is not closed as it does not exclude other possible ones.

Application (Product)Application (Function)
Access ControlMode Control
AlarmTime Adjustment
Battery ChargerPower Regulation
Electro-medicinenot Specified
Electronic Safety Locknot Specified
Electric MotorsSpeed Controls, Dynamic Breaking
Elevator DoorsManual Opening Controls
Gate Opener - Automatic Openning DoorSpeed Control, Mode Control
Ir Sensor LightingDistance Detection Setting
Kits And Electronic ModulesMultiple
Led Rgb Strip ControllersColour Speed Transition Timer Settin
LightingElectronic Ballast, Light Dimmers, Fluorescent Lighting Ballast
Light SensorSensitivity Setting
ManometerPressure Control
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